November 4, 2008

Breastfeeding, Formula Feeding and Fluoride

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Fluoride is generally touted in the mainstream media as wonderful stuff that our kids need. Breastfed infants receive less fluoride in breast milk, but is that bad news, or good news? What effect does fluoride have on infants? Read on to learn more.

First of all, is fluoride really good for you?

If by fluoride, you are talking about calcium fluoride that is a naturally occurring substance in some fresh water supplies, the answer would appear to be yes. While it is a largely inert substance, it is believed to help strengthen teeth and connective tissues.

But if you mean the sodium fluoride that is artificially injected into the water supply of many US cities, the answer is a resounding “no.”

In December 1993, a Canadian Dental Association panel concluded that ingested fluoride does not, in fact, prevent tooth decay. (Canadian Medical Association Journal, 1993:149.) The Fluoride Debate

Wikipedia states “Sodium fluoride is classed as toxic by both inhalation and ingestion.” In fact it is 85 times more toxic than calcium fluoride, according to a study called, “Comparative Toxicity of Fluorine Compounds.”

Sodium fluoride’s uses range from Sarin nerve gas, used by terrorists and rat exterminators, as well an active ingredient in anesthetic and drugs like Prozac and Paxil. Before the Nazis discovered that it was a useful chemical for sterilizing, calming and dumbing down their populations and death camp prisoners, it was considered to be an industrial waste product.

After the Nuremberg trials and “Operation Paperclip” where Nazi scientists were pardoned in return to working for the US intelligence agencies, US cities began their own fluoridation programs. 1945 marked the first introduction of fluoride into 4 US cities. 

Many EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) scientists have come out since then demanding that fluoride be removed from the water supplies. But it has been an uphill battle, and many cities still contaminate city water with fluoride around the nation.

The good news, however, is that breasts of mothers who drink fluoridated water filter the poison out of the milk, protecting the baby from exposure while nursing. The bad news is, this means that mothers who need to consume more fluoridated water will be getting concentrated doses of the poison on a regular basis.

Even worse, if your baby drinks liquid formula, it may be supplemented with fluoride or have fluoridated water added to the formula. Such infants are in the highest risk category for fluoride poisoning.

In contrast to recommendations adopted in the 1950s, fluoride supplementation is no longer recommended for newborn children. This includes both fluoride in drops, and fluoride in drinking water.

The potential damage that may be caused be fluoride exposure includes;

tooth discoloration (fluorosis)
crumbling teeth
kidney damage
loss of IQ
fragile bones
osteomalacia (a painful bone disease)

About one third of children in the US are suffering from fluorosis. If the EPA, the FDA and the ADA won’t protect us and lobby to get sodium fluoride out of our water supplies, our children’s vitamins, bottled nursery water, toothpaste, and anything else that has been intentionally contaminated, we mothers will have to take charge of protecting our own children. So, moms, start reading those labels, and make sure your family’s drinking water is fluoride free.

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January 13, 2009

Christinla @ 11:19 pm

Thank you very much! I am glad to see this posted somewhere. When my daughter was born we were told to use fluoride water when mixing her formula (as I could not produce milk)now she has permanent white spots on her baby teeth, due to excessive fluoride in her diet when her teeth were forming and erupting from the gums.

June 16, 2010

Stephanie Nelson @ 6:15 am

I am concerned about breastfeeding mothers who are drinking fluoridated water since they can consume twice as much water as they normally do. That means they are getting twice as much fluoride than the recommended amount. I breastfed my children (or was pregnant) for a total of 7 years while drinking fluoridated water. I’ve had health issues which I attribute to being over-fluoridated, adrenal fatigue and arthritic symptoms. These symptoms have gone away since I’ve stopped drinking fluoridated water. I just want to warn other breastfeeding mothers to consider drinking non-fluoridated water while breastfeeding. Fluoride is also found in juices (especially high in grape juice), carbonated beverages, and in fruits, vegetables, and grains (as residue from sodium fluoride used as a pesticide).

July 23, 2011

Scientist @ 6:42 am

I’m sorry, but this article is completely the blind leading the blind. IT DOES NOT MATTER IF IT’S SODIUM FLUORIDE OR CALCIUM FLUORIDE.

But when sodium fluoride is DISSOLVED in water all you have is sodium ions floating with fluoride ions. Same as calcium fluoride (calcium ions floating around with fluoride ions). Either way you get fluoride ions, which is the active ingredient.

Here’s something…. why don’t you go get some spring water with CALCIUM FLUORIDE and then eat some SALT (sodium chloride) with it? OHHHHH NOOOO….. I have just created a drink that has sodium and fluoride in it! I guess it’s poisonous! (seriously, I am being sarcastic here).

It amazes me how the complete lack of scientific knowledge can just lead people to believe that the government would systematically poison the populous. Learn up before you just believe whatever is on “wikipedia”

April 6, 2013

GP @ 2:08 pm

This article is hilarious …

November 12, 2013

Jacob @ 6:11 pm

I think you need to cite more sources for your claims on the effects of typical daily fluoride intake than just one Canadian study from 1993 and an anti-fluoride webpage. How about some meta-analyses or something with a higher level of evidence. There is a lot of misconception about fluoride and muddying the waters by comparing it to weaponized chemicals doesn’t help anybody.

I’ll use an example: Vegans don’t get enough B-12 so they supplement. What is your daily B-12 supplement made of? CYANOcobalamin. That is the normal B-12 porphyrin with a -CN or CYANIDE attached to it. OH DEAR GOD, all the vegans are going to die of cyanide poisoning! The government is trying to kill off vegans and push their meat on congress!! I think not…

Back to fluoride, the greatest claims against fluoride is fluorosis. That explains mottled teeth, brittle bones etc. You see the highest incidence of this where fluoride is NATURALLY present in high quantities in ground water (mostly in African regions). Pathologic fluorosis in the US occurs from accidental intake of high concentrations of fluoride (a child eats a bunch of toothpaste) and that can be very dangerous (although one case of death has been reported in years). If a child is taking fluoride tablets or supplementation, that is ONLY to be done carefully and when the fluoride content of their drinking water is taken into account as well as the child age and weight. Failing to do so can cause minor fluorosis, that’s why it is carefully calculated and managed by the child’s pediatric dentist and not recommended for children under 3 years if their drinking water is over 0.3ppm fluoride. Even so, the most evident result of such is the appearance of white spots on the teeth. Fluoride SIGNIFICANTLY reduces a child’s risk of developing cavities and infection from dentition. In this case, the benefits tremendously outweigh the risks. Think twice about your children and what is really best for them. Childhood tooth decay is an epidemic that is severely neglected today. The greatest preventative fight in that epidemic is fluoridated drinking water as well as establishing regular and proper at home oral hygiene. Communities with fluoridated drinking water have up to half the amount of decayed teeth in children compared to non-fluoridated communities.

Let’s take a step back and try to be level-headed about our claims. Support scientific data, analysis and evidence-based conclusions. Doing so does nothing but SUPPORT breast feeding and how amazing it is for your child. Hence, why my daughter was solely breast fed and I’m convinced she is a little smartie because of it as well as better equipped to live a healthy life. At her age, she gets enough fluoride by brushing with a smear of toothpaste so I do not need to supplement.

I just PubMed searched that article, here are their ACTUAL recommendations copy and pasted:
CMAJ. 1993 Dec 15;149(12):1787-93.
Appropriate uses of fluorides for children: guidelines from the Canadian Workshop on the Evaluation of Current Recommendations Concerning Fluorides.
Clark DC.

Decrease in the prevalence of dental fluorosis with continuing preventive effects of fluoride use. The only significant cost would be in preparing new, low-concentration fluoride products for distribution.
Fluoride supplementation should be limited to children 3 years of age and older in areas where there is less than 0.3 ppm of fluoride in the water supply. Children in all areas should use only a “pea-sized” amount of fluoride dentifrice no more than twice daily under the supervision of an adult.

Back to me:
Your quotation of this article is a direct misrepresentation of their conclusions and I recommend an addendum to your blatant falsification. The article at most mentions another study that found a correlation between fluoridated water and prevention of further cavitation of incipient lesions, suggesting a therapeutic affect of ingested fluoride rather than direct prevention. The conclusions of this article recommend CONTINUATION of the use of fluoride but to supervise children in their brushing techniques.
If you still insist on depriving your child of this important preventative measure, at lease supervise their brushing with fluoridated toothpaste. That is the best thing you can do to ensure good oral health and the development of proper hygienic habits.

One last caveat: that article discloses that it is funded by Procter and Gamble. Wouldn’t they rather you buy more toothpaste, mouthwash, floss or whatever than you get proper free prevention from municipal tap water??

July 5, 2014

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